Earthquake Response

HEI/SBH are urgently responding to the earthquake. Support our efforts here. Media inquiries contact Katie Wallace at


An Important Message Regarding the Treatment of Haitian Migrants

A statement from HEI/SBH regarding the inhumane treatment of Haitian migrants at the U.S. border.

HEI/SBH Appoints Michele David, MD, as New Board Chair

Dr. David brings her clinical expertise and lifelong commitment to health equity to the Board Chair position.

Lakou Mizik Promotes HEI Earthquake Relief Alongside New Music Video

Haitian band Lakou Mizik promotes HEI/SBH's earthquake relief efforts alongside the release of their new music video for the song "No Rival".

A young boy lies in a hospital bed with a leg injury. He is covered by an orange and white blanket. His right leg is wrapped in a bandage below the knee.

Earthquake Relief Update August 22

HEI/SBH is providing orthopedic and trauma surgery to survivors; organizing mobile clinics; and supporting healthcare facilities in the earthquake-affected area.

Two doctors treat a young boy with a broken leg. The boy sits in a hospital bed, he has a white cast on his leg. A doctor in a light blue gown and a white face masks prepares to open his leg cast with a tool. Another doctor in a light blue gown and white face mask stands to the side and observes.

Earthquake Relief Update Aug 18

HEI/SBH continues to evacuate patients and provide urgent surgical and emergency care for earthquake survivors.

A group of people unpack cardboard boxes full of medical supplies. Some of the boxes are open and you can see blue medical masks and packages wrapped in a white wrapper. A man in black jeans and a yellow polo shirt bends down to unpack the boxes. Nurses in blue t-shirts in the background observe. There is a white ambulance with green lettering in the background. The ground is white and grey gravel.

HEI/SBH Earthquake Update on Good Morning America

SBH's Director General was interviewed on Good Morning America about the earthquake and the road ahead.

A map of Haiti's southern peninsula. The land is green and the water is blue. A red dot on the left side of the peninsula indicates the location of a recent earthquake; a red dot in the center of the peninsula indicates the location of St. Boniface Hospital.

Responding to the August 14 Earthquake

HEI/SBH responds to the devastating earthquake that struck southern Haiti on August 14th.

An update from HEI/SBH

Our staff, patients, and partners are safe amid the recent crisis in Haiti.

Welcoming Dr. Harry Dumay and Dr. Nicole Prudent to our Board

HEI/SBH adds two new members to our Board of Directors.

Dr. Catherine Scipion wears a white doctor's coat with a stethoscope draped around the back of her neck. She holds a white sign with a blue border that says "Health Equity is...Compassion"

HEI Clinician Publishes NICU Research in Prestigious Journal

Dr. Scipion and a global team of researchers are helping improve NICU care by investigating antibiotic usage.