Dr. Elie Saintilien

Medical Director

Headshot of a Haitian man smiling kindly at the camera. He is wearing a blue button-down shirt and has close-cropped hair & a short beard and mustache.

Dr. Saintilien entered the Medical School of the Université d’Etat d’Haïti (UEH, State University of Haiti) in 2008, and completed his degree in 2015. He is currently earning a diploma in Health Services Management from UEH Medical School in partnership with the University of Montreal. He completed his social service year at SBH, and has worked with us ever since. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Dr. Saintilien worked in mobile clinics in the most-devastated areas of Haiti’s southern peninsula. He also gained experience in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, and became Coordinator of our External Clinic in 2019. During the first months of 2022, he managed multiple mobile clinic teams across the south, and became SBH’s Medical Director in April 2022. In this position, Dr. Saintilien is responsible for supervising all medical training and medical services at the hospital. He relies on collaboration from his colleagues at every level, and his vision is for SBH to become the best hospital in the country.