Announcing our New Shelter and Stabilization Project

Dear Friends,

On behalf of everyone at Health Equity International and St. Boniface Hospital, we are proud to announce a new project with the State of Massachusetts to provide shelter and stabilization services for unhoused migrant families. 

The crises in Haiti and other vulnerable places around the world have caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee in search of safety, peace, and stability. With support from humanitarian parole programs and other legislation, many migrants have come to Massachusetts after long journeys filled with unimaginable hardship and loss. They need community, compassion, and support to rebuild their lives.

Helping provide this support is an important, necessary, and natural extension of our core mission: to care for others with dignity, compassion, and the deepest respect for their humanity. Drawing on our four decades of experience delivering world-class health and support services in low-resource settings and during crises, HEI is now overseeing day-to-day operations at two emergency shelters in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. 

Each day, our new shelter and stabilization team works to connect every client to the essential services they need to begin their new lives in Massachusetts. While this project is still evolving, our core services include helping adults find work; enrolling children in school; linking families to health services; and helping families transition to safe and stable housing. Through our shelter and stabilization program, we are helping these families build secure and independent lives and contribute to strong communities where everyone can thrive.

HEI also continues to deliver world-class health care at St. Boniface Hospital and create a stronger and more resilient health system in southern Haiti. This work remains our life’s work: it will never cease, nor will it ever diminish in its importance. 

Visit our new shelter and stabilization web page for more information about this project, including answers to some common questions. Over the coming weeks, we will also provide updates on this work through our website, social channels, and email. Join our mailing list and follow us on our social media channels so you’ll be the first to get the latest news and information.

Whether you have been a part of the HEI community for years or are meeting us for the first time, we hope you will stand with us as we begin this critical new work. In accompanying the most vulnerable, we are honoring our mission to help make the world a healthier and more welcoming place for all.

On behalf of all of us at HEI, thank you.

Kenbe fèm,

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