2023 Celebration

Join us for our annual celebration as we honor
40 years of proving what’s possible

Our Impact by the Numbers.

A Haitian doctor stands checks a female patient's breathing with a stethescope on her chest. The patient sits in a chair next to a desk.

150,000+ patient visits annually

Three Haitian doctors perform a surgical procedure. They crowd around a surgical table wearing light blue scrubs, medical masks, and colorful caps.

400+ surgeries each month

A newborn lays on a bed. Its arms and legs are stretched out, and it wears a pink onesie with footies and mittens. It is surroudned by soft blankets.

4,000+ deliveries annually

A female Haitian doctor stands next to her patient in the ER. The Doctor puts her arm arount he patient and smiles. The patient wears a white hospital gown and a nasal cannula. The patient also smiles.

750+ ER visits each month

Our Stories

With health, anything is possible

When others said it couldn’t be done, we grew our one-room clinic into a 200-bed hospital with world-class facilities and 24/7 care serving the more than 2.3 million people who live in southern Haiti. Our community-centric approach ensures that all people can access the lifesaving and life-changing care they need.