SBH is preparing for COVID-19 in southern Haiti

by working together with our staff & partners in Haiti and around the world

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Recent Updates

Southern Haiti Braces for the Impact of Coronavirus

March 15, 2020

Health Equity International and St. Boniface Hospital are preparing for COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Haiti.

Dr. Pierre checking on patient

Dr. Inobert Pierre Speaks about SBH and the Haitian Healthcare System on Al Jazeera

January 21, 2020

Dr. Inobert Pierre, Director General of St. Boniface Hospital, appeared on the Al Jazeera show "The Stream" to talk about St. Boniface Hospital and the Haitian Healthcare System.

CBS News Comes to St. Boniface Hospital

January 13, 2020

10 years after the earthquake, CBS News comes to St. Boniface Hospital to learn more about all we have accomplished since that devastating day.

10 Years Later: A Letter from Conor

January 12, 2020

10 years after the earthquake, HEI President and CEO Conor Shapiro reflects on the unspeakable loss, and all that has been accomplished.