New Community Health Workers Graduate

February 5, 2018

26 Community Health Worker trainees participated in a 50-day intensive training program run by SBH in Les Cayes, with support from UNICEF and The World Bank. During the training these dedicated and hardworking community members learned how to help their neighbors and families prevent, identify, and treat common illnesses. Many went from having no medical background to now being well-versed in the warning signs for common infectious diseases like cholera and malaria, and they all have a new confidence in their skills to help keep their communities healthy.

Most of the newly-minted CHWs will be serving their home communities in Maniche and Tiburon—areas hit hard by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Nearly all are the first-ever community health workers to serve their communities, and they are passionate about using their new skills to improve health and help prevent outbreaks of disease. Congratulations to all of the graduates, and bon travay to the trainers and facilitators of the program, including Dr. Miliane Clermont, Marie Carline Leopold, and Kevin Melanson!

Community Health Worker graduation in Les Cayes

Community Health Worker graduation ceremony in Les Cayes.

Maniche CHW trainee team
Tiburon CHW trainee team

CHWs from Maniche and Tiburon will be the first-ever dedicated health workers in their communities.

Community Health Worker trainees in Les Cayes

The participants in the intensive training program are all excited to return home and serve their communities.