Update from Fond des Blancs

You may have heard about protests happening in Haiti over the weekend in response to new economic policies from the government. Despite the unrest in other parts of the country, Fond des Blancs is currently safe and quiet, and SBH is open and accepting patients. However, approximately 30 of our medical and operations staff are stuck in Port au Prince and the surrounding area, and are currently unable to get back to the hospital. We are keeping in touch with them and all are safe at home now. The hospital is running with reduced staffing, and everyone is stepping up to cover for colleagues who cannot get back to Fond des Blancs.

Our big concerns are fuel and oxygen. Until the roads are secure, our regular supply routes for these essential supplies are closed off, and we are working on alternate sources. Over half of the hospital’s electricity needs are supplied by our solar power system, but we are putting electricity conservation measures in place to make sure we maintain a supply of diesel fuel for the generators. And elective surgeries are being postponed to conserve supplies and ensure we can provide the highest possible quality of care to patients with urgent needs.

If you want to help support our staff who are working overtime right now to make sure that all patients who need care can get it, please consider making a gift here