An Update from St. Boniface Hospital

As you may have heard, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Haiti has reached new and devastating extremes. Years of near-constant political instability, gang violence, inflation, lack of access to healthcare, and other complex factors have brought Haiti to its breaking point. 

St. Boniface Hospital continues to operate 24/7, and our staff and patients are currently safe.

The crisis has had a profound impact on the health and well-being of all Haitians and has forced many healthcare facilities across the country to close.

SBH has remained open only because of the heroism of our staff and the generosity of supporters like you. 

But we, too, are facing incredible difficulties obtaining the resources we need to keep going. More and more patients are arriving in need of urgent care. And as our staff work around the clock to save lives, they also fear for loved ones who live near the troubles.

All of us at HEI and SBH remain unwavering in our commitment to our patients, and to Haiti. We will never give up on our important work. And we know that you, too, stand alongside us in the belief that all people deserve to be well, no matter their circumstances.

Thank you for your support and solidarity during these difficult times.

Kenbe fèm,


Conor Shapiro 
President and CEO
Health Equity International