Building the SBH Surgical Center

HEI/SBH’s new Surgical Center, scheduled to open this fall, is starting to take shape! Our construction partners at Build Health International recently undertook the huge effort of manually mixing and pouring 7,000 square feet of concrete to finish the first level of the building, and lay the foundation for the second floor.

Grey concrete foundation of the SBH surgical center. Rebar sticks out from the foundation at various points.

The concrete foundation for the new surgical center.

A stands outside at a construction site and hammers into a cement block.

The team working hard preparing materials for construction.

A construction worker in a blue t-shirt and yellow hardhat holds onto a rectangular rebar structure at a construction site.

Rebar helps to strengthen concrete and make sure it holds up under tension.

Two Haitian construction workers in hardhats work on a rebar support structure using hammers.

The new surgical center requires a large number of rebar support structures.

A team of construction workers pose for a group photo outside. They are arranged in two rows: several men stand in the back and more sit cross-legged in the front.

The team takes a quick break to pose for a photo!