Mobile Clinic Teams Reaching Remote Communities

HEI/SBH’s second Mobile Clinic team did its first clinic in the town of Gros Marin, in the mountains of Cavaillon north east of Les Cayes on December 21, 2016. Adding a second mobile clinic team greatly expands our ability to reach more people in the areas hardest hit by the hurricane.

During the first day of the mobile clinic in Cavaillon, the team saw 157 patients, most of whom had not received any medical care since before the hurricane.

Viewed from a car window, in the distance a man on a motorcycle zooms along a dusty, dry country road.

En route to Gros Marin in the Cavaillon commune.

Map of Haiti marking the location of cavallion

The community of Gros Marin was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew.

Crowd of people waiting in mobile clinic

Patients assemble for the mobile clinic in Gros Marin.

We are rejoicing for your presence that shows us our prayers have been answered. I want to thank you for displacing your team to come care for and remember the people of Gros Marin. 

Emilia Othavéus, Gros Marin mobile clinic patient

On that same day, HEI/SBH’s original Mobile Clinic team saw 207 patients in the town of Sable, in Tiburon on the far west coast. 

A table with medication in a mobile clinic

Setting up mobile clinic in Sable

Patients filling out paperwork in mobile clinic

Mobile Clinic team in action seeing patients in Sable

Both teams were back in the field the next day, in new communities, seeing even more patients.