Operational Excellence and the Highest Standard of Care: Volunteer Bill Gimson

Bill Gimson knows healthcare.

His 35 years with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took him from Puerto Rico to Iraq to CDC headquarters in Atlanta, where he served as Chief Operating Officer of the 14,000-person organization. So what led him to become a full-time volunteer for HEI/SBH?

I was drawn to St. Boniface because of the passion of the staff and leadership, and once I saw how directly they impact the lives of Haitians in the Southern Peninsula, it was hard to say no.

Since arriving at SBH this spring, Bill has worked closely with hospital leadership on implementing operational upgrades to improve the quality of care at the hospital. He’s created a new emergency response team and an infection control team and developed systems to improve SBH’s medical supply management—among other projects.

As he’s worked with SBH Deputy Director General Dr. Miliane Clermont and the staff to identify where to focus his time and energy, “I’ve been impressed by the commitment of the leadership and staff at HEI/SBH to not only improving health but actually having a health impact. It’s a very patient-centric leadership,” observes Bill.

Years of experience in public health motivate Bill’s dedication to service. “For me, it’s not right that in this hemisphere we would have a country with so many needs related to healthcare. We forget about our neighbors that are so close to us. Haiti has been so overlooked,” says Bill. “I would hope that someday kids in Haiti can grow up not only healthy but educated and with a bright future.”

Bill is impressed by SBH’s work in the country. “Supporters’ dollars are being very wisely spent. SBH is actually investing in the future of Haiti because health means future,” says Bill. “Better infrastructure allows for improved outcomes, and you know that’s going to happen here in Fond des Blancs with the new surgical center and infectious disease center. A lot of great changes are happening here quickly. Changes that will improve our health impact in the community.”

Cultivated through years of service in public health, Bill’s passion is for delivering high-quality care, which he has brought to HEI/SBH along with the knowledge and experience to execute that vision.

You should never have substandard goals because you happen to be outside of the US. Your aspirations should always be for the best and for the highest standard of care. Never allow yourself to think that this isn’t the US so the same caliber and quality of healthcare cannot be achieved—and never let preconceptions stand in your way.

Bill is excited to have found in HEI/SBH an organization that shares these values. And we are fortunate to have in Bill a talented, experienced, and dedicated volunteer. Thank you, Bill, for your service!