Announcing Fèt St. Boniface

I’m excited to announce that on June 5th we are kicking off Fèt St. Boniface, a monthlong celebration of our 40th birthday and all we have accomplished together. 

But before we start, I want to acknowledge that it’s a difficult time to be celebrating. The humanitarian crisis in Haiti is still ongoing, and our staff and patients are facing mounting challenges every day. 

Yet the more we thought about whether or not to hold Fèt St. Boniface, the more we realized how important it is to bring our community together in this moment. 

The difficulties we and the people of Haiti are facing cannot be pushed aside. But we also must not give way to despair or the all-too-common belief that Haiti is without hope or a future. 

By taking this time to pause and honor the past four decades, we will reignite our commitment to this important work. We will draw upon the ingenuity, determination, and grit that helped us build this revolutionary hospital. And we will use that energy to keep our work moving forward, proving that anything is possible.

Thank you for standing with us during this challenging time and for your unwavering support over these many years. I’m excited to celebrate Fèt St. Boniface with you, and I look forward to all I know we will continue to do together.

Kenbe fèm,

Conor Shapiro

President and CEO
Health Equity International/St. Boniface Hospital