Newest Mobile Clinic Team

June 26, 2017

A new team of doctors and nurses are hitting the road again as part of HEI/SBH’s Mobile Clinic program, funded in part by UNICEF. For the next two weeks this team will be visiting small communities in the Maniche commune north of Les Cayes. This area was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, and even before the storm many people struggled to reach the nearest health clinic for primary and preventative care.

Roba mobile clinic

High five for health.

One of the team’s goals is to screen every child they see for malnutrition—a major concern in the wake of Hurricane Matthew’s crop destruction last fall. Children who are suffering from malnutrition will either be be giving a medical supplement of fortified peanut butter to help bring them back to ideal health, or those who are severely malnourished will be referred to SBH or the Les Cayes hospital for inpatient malnutrition treatment. 

In addition to malnutrition screenings the team has received recent intensive training in prenatal exams and preventative care. They will be working closely with a group of community health workers from the region to ensure that the local residents have access to vaccines, health education, and other services.

Thanks to the team who will be working so hard to reach all of the people who need their care, and to UNICEF and other partners for making the mobile clinic program possible.