Record Number of Births at St. Boniface in January

February 8, 2017

St. Boniface Hospital's Maternal & Neonatal Health Center hit a new milestone in January, 2017 - 279 births in a single month!

baby in bassinet at SBHF MNH center

St. Boniface Hospital's OB/GYNs, Family Doctors, nursing staff, and midwives helped bring over 175 babies into the world on average during each month of 2016. For the first month of 2017, that average was shattered, with a record high number of mothers and newborns receiving skilled birthing care at St. Boniface. Traveling up to several hours to get to the hospital, and even from Port au Prince, expectant mothers are coming to St. Boniface because they know they can receive high-quality care regardless of their ability to pay. Complex cases, like women with pre-eclampsyia and other life threatening conditions, are often referred to St. Boniface from other hospitals who know that they can receive the care they need in Fond-des-Blancs.