Second Round of Cholera Vaccine Campaign

HEI/SBH’s community health team recently distributed a second dose of oral cholera vaccine to almost 24,000 people in just 4 days! This was the second round of the Ministry of Health-sponsored campaign to vaccinate everyone in the Hurricane affected areas. Our team distributed the first dose of vaccine in the Fond des Blancs area in November. The second dose, taken six months later, will help ensure the vaccine is as effective as possible. 

The community health team jumped into action as soon as the vaccine delivery was confirmed, and organized visits to all of the communities in the Fond des Blancs catchment area on just a few days notice. Their dedication to ensuring that every person in our community received the vaccine will mean that cholera continues to be held at bay in Fond des Blancs.

Thanks to our fearless and intrepid team for going the distance (literally!) for our communities.