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Education is a key part of building prosperous and sustainable communities.

While Health Equity International’s main focus is healthcare, we provide a number of scholarships to help children attend primary and secondary schools in the Fond des Blancs area. We also provide scholarships for high-achieving students to attend undergraduate universities around Haiti after they finish secondary school.

We are proud that past recipients of our education program scholarships are now employees at St. Boniface Hospital, serving as leaders in the community that fostered them.

Through a partnership with the Immaculate Conception school and parish in Newburyport, MA, we sponsor a program to provide school meals at the Cha Cha school in the Fond des Blancs area. Ensuring that children get a solid meal during the school day helps keep attendance high and avoid malnutrition amongst school-age children.

In addition to primary, secondary, and undergraduate university scholarships, Health Equity International sponsors several nursing scholarships, which allow promising young men and women to pursue their dreams of becoming skilled medical professionals. Our nurses are an invaluable part of the team at SBH, and our daily operations and life-saving care could not operate without them.

Our Work in Action