Aerial photo of villa

Villa Clinic

Health Equity International’s satellite clinic in the village of Villa provides a permanent station for high quality care an otherwise isolated section of southern Haiti.

The town of Villa lies high in the mountains, about an hour's drive east of St. Boniface Hospital. The road to Villa is rough and jagged. When the rains come, Villa is often inaccessible until the rivers subside enough for vehicles to ford them again—sometimes, this can take days. There are a few small health clinics in the area, but most are rarely stocked with supplies and have very little capacity to treat patients. The Villa Clinic is the one health facility that ensures that all patients can receive the care they need, and its relationship with SBH ensures that those who need more intensive or specialized care can be quickly transferred to the hospital while maintaining a continuum of care.

The original Villa Clinic was damaged beyond repair in the 2010 Earthquake. With assistance from the Spanish Red Cross, Health Equity International built a new clinic that now serves over 11,000 patients per year. The clinic's operations are funded, in part, by the Dover Church in Dover, MA and St. Agnes Parish in Reading, MA. 

Staff at Villa Clinic consists of one doctor, two nurses, and one pharmacist and lab technician. Villa also hosts visiting nurses and resident doctors from SBH. At least one staff member is on call at all times in cases of emergencies. Because of the quality care we deliver, Villa Clinic is the most trusted healthcare provider in a large and extremely remote area. 

Calebe Terlo and his mother wait at the Villa Clinic

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