A Chance Meeting and Long Journey to Get Care

August 18, 2017

Natacha Cadet, age 41, lives in Port-au-Prince. She had been living with fibroid tumors, or fibroma, for several years. Fibromas are benign tumors that grow in a woman’s uterus and can cause severe pain and other side effects. They can be removed surgically, and permanently, with a hysterectomy. Natacha and her husband could not afford to pay for the procedure at any of the good quality private hospitals in Port-au-Prince, so she had been living with the pain and discomfort for a long time. She tells the story of how her long search for treatment finally came to an end…

I come from Port-au-Prince and I heard about this great hospital, St. Boniface, from a businessman from southern Haiti who sells goat meat at the market in the city. Once we were discussing diseases and different kinds of traditional healing. I explained that I have fibroma that nothing seems to help—that I could have an operation to heal them, but because I do not have money for a private hospital, I did not know where I could go for the treatment. The goat seller told me that he knows a large hospital in Fond des Blancs that provides good quality health care for free. He said he has already referred many people to St Boniface Hospital, and they were all very satisfied with the treatment they received.

So, hearing this, I decided to take my chance, even though Fond des Blancs is very far from my home in Port-au-Prince. I asked my husband to take me, and so I am here. 

I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get services, and the service was incomparable. What I appreciate most about St. Boniface Hospital is the way they provide care to patients. I feel at home here. People are very kind in this hospital. And all for free! I am so grateful.

surgery in progress

Natacha had a successful hysterectomy and was able to go home to Port-au-Prince two days later, already feeling free of the pain that had bothered her for years. We are glad she was able to receive the care she needed at SBH and grateful to the goat meat seller in her local market for the referral!