Sharing Knowledge, Saving Lives

SBH has been able to attract some of the best doctors and nurses in Haiti. They come because SBH offers them the opportunity to serve everyone in need, regardless of ability to pay. They stay because our supporters make it possible to provide them with the tools and resources they need to practice their craft. They thrive because the organizational culture encourages them to continue to learn and improve their professional skills—an opportunity that is lacking in most hospitals and medical clinics in Haiti.

Miss Kenide, Head Nurse, believes the importance of the hospital’s training program cannot be overstated. 

“Training enables nurses to give top-notch care to patients and to respond effectively and quickly to urgent situations,” explains Miss Kenide. “In many other countries, there are continued examinations to renew medical licenses, but that’s not the case in Haiti. Without training and continuing education, people can become complacent about what they know and how they do things. That’s not fair to patients. We must continue to learn the best standards of care and apply them in our work every day.”

Attendees at training session

Participants in a training session at SBH share their experiences and ways to implement the new knowledge they have gained.

Increasing Expertise Throughout the South 

This year, SBH became the main maternal and child health training center for the southern region of Haiti. Through a program funded by Jhpiego, a nonprofit international health organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, SBH staff are training medical professionals from 14 other centers around the Southern Peninsula. Sessions have covered helping babies breathe in the first minutes of life; infant and child nutrition; and preventing maternal death in childbirth. 

Miss Claudia, a nurse and the hospital’s training coordinator, has already seen great benefits in reducing mother and child mortality across our region thanks to the series of trainings. She recalls a situation when one of the training sessions helped save a life; 

“St. Boniface had just hosted a session called Helping Babies Breathe. Only hours later, a nurse from a different district who attended the session had to give CPR to a baby. The infant survived, thanks to the nurse’s expertise. Afterward, the nurse remarked she would not have been able to administer CPR properly had it not been for the session she attended at our hospital earlier that day.” 

Your support has made it possible for the SBH staff to become some of the most professional and well-trained doctors and nurses in the country. Now, with the training program, the medical staff at SBH is able to spread their knowledge and professionalism to other health centers in the south—paving the way for a new future of healthcare in southern Haiti.