A New Arrival

The ongoing humanitarian crisis has made it increasingly difficult for Haitians to access health services. One young family was able to get to St. Boniface Hospital, where they found high-quality care.

Many hospitals in Haiti have had to limit operations or even close their doors as a result of gang violence. And even when patients are able to afford rising transportation costs, blocked roads can prevent them from reaching those health facilities that are still open. Untold numbers of Haitians are currently unable to access the medical care they need.

Judith and Christ-homme, from Petit Goâve, are among the lucky. They were able to travel to our maternal and neonatal health center in mid-April to welcome their second child into the world.

Judith says, “I began coming to SBH in 2020 during my first pregnancy. I came back here to give birth because with my first pregnancy I found high-quality care. I had no doubts about returning to give birth [at SBH] a second time, and when I came here I found even better quality care.”

Our clinicians cared for Judith during her labor, and baby Anne was born without any complications.

A health worker in yellow polo shirt administers eye drops to a newborn cradled on her father’s lap.

Eye drops prevent bacterial infections that could lead to blindness.

A light-skinned Haitian man is absorbed in the newborn he cradles on his lap, as a health worker in yellow polo shirt gives her a shot in the arm.

Baby Anne receives her first dose of vaccines.

Papa Christ-homme couldn’t be more proud to hold his new baby girl while she receives essential preventive care from a member of our community health team. He tells us, “My wife and I planned to have another baby and thanks to God and SBH hospital we are triumphant.”

During this time of crisis, with limitations on travel and a health system under severe stress countrywide, we are determined to continue providing care for as long as possible. Our community health activities, including vaccinations and nutrition care, are absolutely indispensable for protecting young lives. 

Every new life is a miracle. 

“I’m thrilled to be returning home with Anne. The whole family is impatient to meet her,” says Christ-homme.

A light-skinned Haitian man in a short-sleeved button-down shirt stands in a hospital waiting room. He holds an infant in his arms and smiles joyfully.

I would like to say a special thanks to all the donors who are supporting the hospital in providing quality care for free.

Without the hospital, a lot of pregnant women and children would lose their lives.

- Christ-homme, father