40 Years of Proving What's Possible

We were proud and humbled to celebrate HEI’s 40th anniversary in 2023. Below is a collection of resources, events, and features we created to honor this milestone.

Four Decades of Hope and Healing

Looking Back:

HEI/SBH Timeline: An interactive look at all we’ve built by working together throughout the decades

40th Anniversary Reflections: Staff, patients, and partners share how the organization has impacted their lives and shaped healthcare in Haiti.

Looking Back on our First 40 Years: Submit your reflections on your experience with HEI/SBH. These could be memories and/or photos from a time you visited Fond des Blancs, attended a gala, or any other thoughts you’re willing to share. We’ll be gathering these reflections and posting them on a special web page for all to see.


Fèt St. Boniface June Celebration: Held throughout June 2023, we released a number of interactive events and features for our first anniversary celebration. Click through to see our interactive annual report, watch our webinar, and more! 

Health Equity International 2023 Celebration: Held on November 2, 2023, this event brought our community together to reflect on SBH’s impact. Click through to watch video clips from the event.

40 Years of Proving What’s Possible Webinars: We held two engaging webinars in 2023 with our friends and partners, click through to watch and learn more.