Our webinars are an impactful way we can bring our partners and supporters right to St. Boniface Hospital—no flights required! 

These events allow SBH staff from across departments to share their work and the latest ways we’re saving lives and building a stronger health system in southern Haiti.

Upcoming Webinars

40 Years of Proving What’s Possible: Strength in Partnerships
Tuesday, June 27, 2023
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This panel discussion will focus on how strong partnerships are helping to save lives and move Haiti’s health system forward, even with the challenges of the national crisis. A Q&A session will follow, giving you the opportunity to speak directly with our panel.

40 Years of Proving What’s Possible
Webinar Series

In honor of HEI/SBH’s 40th anniversary, we are offering a series of short and engaging online events to explore how innovation, collaboration, and relentless dedication have allowed us to tackle extraordinary challenges across four decades. The webinars will provide a unique opportunity for our key supporters to meet SBH staff and learn more about how we are building a healthier tomorrow for southern Haiti.

Past Webinars

Watch our past webinars to learn more about our work.

40 Years of Proving What’s Possible: Responding to Crisis
Thursday, February 15, 2023
HEI/SBH staff discussed how we have prepared for, responded to, and learned from the most complex crises of the past four decades.

Upholding Care Amid Countrywide Crisis in Haiti
October 13, 2022
HEI/SBH staff presented an update on the evaluating humanitarian crisis in Haiti and how we are responding and continuing to save lives at our health care facility in Fond des Blancs. 

HEI/SBH Live Earthquake Relief Update
June 15, 2022
HEI/SBH staff provided an update on the life-saving care they provided across southern Haiti in the year since the August 14, 2021 earthquake.