Making Strides in the Fight against COVID-19 in Southern Haiti

Over the last three months, HEI/SBH staff and Board members have dedicated time and resources to ensure that we are able to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Haiti while still providing high-quality care to the more than 600 patients who come to our doors each day.

To date we have:

  • Built a new, state-of-the-art COVID-19 Triage and Treatment Center. The Center, designed and built by Board member Jim Ansara and his team at Build Health International, works in conjunction with our existing Infectious Disease Department and expands our capacity to provide care to patients while keeping our staff safe. 

  • Instituted a new triage system at the hospital gates. Now, all patients, staff, and family members are checked for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the hospital campus. Anyone showing signs of the virus is provided with immediate care.

  • Installed handwashing stations around the hospital campus, to help ensure patients and family members can practice proper hand hygiene at any time.

  • Conducted dozens of staff trainings and simulations to help our clinicians prepare to meet the unique needs of COVID-19 patients at the hospital. Trainings are compliant with World Health Organization protocols and include how to properly don and doff personal protective equipment; testing for COVID-19; and safely treating contagious conditions.

  • Begun expanding our capacity to produce oxygen for use at SBH and at other healthcare facilities throughout southern Haiti. Having a reliable supply of oxygen is critical for treating patients with severe COVID-19 complications.

  • Continued holding COVID-19 awareness and education events in the communities we serve. These events ensure our community members can recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 and when hospital care is needed. They also drive home the importance of preventive strategies, including social distancing and hand washing. 

  • Created disease surveillance teams. These teams consist of members from our community health team and local community leaders. They monitor the community members for signs of COVID-19 and identify those who need hospital-based care.

  • Worked with international infectious disease experts, including Board members Drs. Louise Ivers and David Walton to expand the ability to test for COVID-19 at SBH and in healthcare facilities across Haiti.

These accomplishments have only been possible thanks to the tireless work of our staff, and the generosity of our friends and partners around the world.

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