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New Warehouse Move-In Begins

August 9, 2017

After Hurricane Matthew it became clear that there was a large need in southern Haiti for a storage and distribution center for medical and emergency supplies. Thanks to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, SBHF is now home to a 10,000 square foot warehouse that will allow us to centralize storage of medicines and supplies for St. Boniface Hospital and SBHF’s community health programs, as well as acting as a distribution center for the entire south of Haiti when necessary.

Warehouse loading docks


The huge new warehouse will allow SBHF to store several shipping containers-worth of supplies and medications at once, and also includes parking for at least 10 trucks. This space greatly increases our storage capacity and ability to serve as a centralized distribution point for the southern peninsula as needed. In addition, since the warehouse sits alongside the town soccer field it can also serve as a helicopter landing site (when games aren't in-progress, of course!).

warehouse back and field


The SBHF team is very grateful to have this huge new warehouse, and 2 trucks assigned to facilitate the transportation of materials in and out. The warehouse will provide proper and secure storage for critical medicines and supplies, with temperature control and security throughout the building. It will make the work of maintaining SBHF’s inventory and supply chain easier, since it will allow us to move from 11 depots and storeage rooms across the hospital campus into this one centralized facility.

Warehouse ready for move-in


Much work has gone into this fantastic achievement, and we are grateful that it will improve our ability to get supplies to patients where and when they need them.  

warehouse shelving


Now the move-in begins! Over the next six weeks SBHF's supply chain and logistics team will be working through the laborious and exacting job of moving all of our existing supplies from the existing depots into the new warehouse, and ensuring that everything is catalogued and mapped properly on its new storage shelves so that inventory can be tracked and requests filled quickly and easily. 

first boxes in warehouse


warehouse move