SCI Team Leaders Train at Spaulding

Two of the leaders and key staff at HEI/SBH’s Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation program in Fond des Blancs are in Boston this week to train with the team at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Spaulding is the #4 rehabilitation hospital in the United States, and is leading the way in innovative rehab techniques and technologies.

Physical Therapist Sophia Laine and Dr. Jean Eviens Buissereth are shadowing Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and doctors specializing in spinal cord injuries, as well as seeing the range of services offered at Spaulding and meeting with administrators and patients.


Sophia Laine and Dr. Buissereth shadow a PT session at Spaulding Hospital

Sophia and Dr. Buissereth shadow a wide range of clinicians providing advanced care for specializing in spinal cord injuries at Spaulding.

Sophia Laine, Dr. Buissereth, and Jonah Feldman

Sophia, Dr. Buissereth, and Jonah take a break for a quick photo.

Jonah Feldman, an experienced PT at Spaulding who previously worked in Haiti and has visited SBH to work with the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) team there, has arranged this fantastic opportunity for Ms. Laine and Dr. Buissereth to get first-hand experience at one of the top rehab hospitals in the world.

Thanks to everyone at Spaulding for welcoming our team with open arms. We look forward to further developing this exciting partnership.