Our Impact

HEI/SBH’s impact in southern Haiti is measured in lives saved, children who survive and thrive, and healthy people who are able to support their families and help raise the standard of living for their communities.

2022 By the Numbers

Our clinicians cared for more patients than ever before in 2022. Amid the earthquake recovery and humanitarian crisis, our patients trusted us to provide the urgent, life-saving care they needed.

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Outpatient Visits

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Inpatient Admissions

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NICU Admissions

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A Haitian woman leans over an examination table as she changes her baby. A Haitian woman doctor is sitting behind the table and is smiling at the baby.
A woman patient lays in a hospital bed with a blanket covering her torso as a woman Haitian doctor puts an oxygen mask to her face. The doctor stands to the right of the bed. The doctor wears a white medical mask, black scrub top, and white exam gloves. Her hair is intricately braided. An IV pole stands to the left of the doctor, and to the left of the IV is a large green oxygen cylinder.

Photo © Nadia Todres

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COVID-19 Vaccines Administered

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Young Medical Professionals Trained

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Post-Earthquake Mobile Clinic Visits

A nurse in pink scrubs and a blue medical mask checks the blood pressure of a woman patient during triage.

Image © Nadia Todres

Three women Haitian maternal health clinicians stand by a desk and smile at the camera.

Image © Nadia Todres