Ikpindi Djeri

Chief Program Officer

A Togolese woman with chin-length dreadlocks wearing a blazer poses for her portrait in front of a tree.

Originally from Togo, Ikpindi Djeri was raised in France and later moved to the United States for college. Armed with her degree in business management and her clinical experience as a NICU and PICU respiratory therapist, she has had the opportunity to work in various cities in the US, Ghana, Benin, and Haiti. In 2016, after Hurricane Matthew devastated the region of Haiti where she was living, Ikpindi moved to Boston, and obtained her Master’s in Public Health, with dual concentration in community health assessment and project management at Boston University. Before joining the team at HEI, Ikpindi worked at John Snow Inc. (JSI) in the international division. She is also a co-founder of Consortium for African Health (CFAH), created by students at Boston University in 2019, and she aspires to to impact and improve health systems in third world countries such as Haiti and countries in West Africa. In her spare time, Ikpindi enjoys working out, traveling with her partner, playing the guitar, and caring for her daughter Toya.