Miss Rachelle Laguerre

Head Nurse

Smiling Haitian woman with hair in a bun, wearing blue scrubs

Miss Rachelle Laguerre earned her degree in nursing sciences from Université Lumière MEBSH in Les Cayes, Haiti, and first came to St. Boniface Hospital as an intern for two months in 2013. The compassionate treatment of patients, the hospital’s cleanliness, and the dedication of staff all made a significant impression on her. Miss Rachelle joined SBH as a maternity nurse in 2017 before moving to internal medicine. She earned steadily increasing responsibility, becoming assistant to the nurse responsible for internal medicine in 2019. She was chosen to manage the COVID treatment center in 2020, and also served as initial field coordinator of our 2021 earthquake response. Now Head Nurse, Miss Rachelle has a vision of providing holistic care, including psychosocial support, for every patient.