Bringing Safe Water to the ChaCha School

April 8, 2017

The 226 students at the ChaCha School, near Fond-des-Blancs, rely on their school not just for education, but for their mid-day meal as well. One critical piece of providing 226 meals per day is that the school has enough clean water to cook with and for students to drink.

ChaCha School sunspring installation
Harry, from SunSpring, installs the new filtration system at the ChaCha School.


On Tuesday, April 4, a SunSpring Water Filtration System, donated by GE Water, was installed at the ChaCha School.  This solar powered system filters water from a cistern located on the school’s campus to five taps that all students can access.

“Students at ChaCha were often sick”, said Mr. Jeune Alsom, the Headmaster and Director of the ChaCha School. “Having clean water for our students is a first step toward improving the health of our community. Children often have water born illnesses that keep them from school. Now we are nearly self-sufficient with water and can give it to the children and cook.”

ChaCha School headmaster and students
Mr. Alsom, Headmaster of the ChaCha School, and students.


The St. Boniface Haiti Foundation will install three more SunSprings throughout the Fond-des-Blancs community, including at a primary school located in Dugue, near a mothers’ home for at-risk pregnant women, and at St. Boniface’s Infectious Disease Center, which is currently under construction.

Access to clean water is a critical component of a strong public health program and will have substantial impacts on the lives of those who reside in the Fond-des-Blancs Community.