Surprise Twins Have a Healthy Start to Life

July 24, 2017

Juliette, a 33 year-old mother of one from Les Cayes came to SBH last week to give birth to her second AND third children. Just days before she had learned she was having twins! They were positioned in such a way that delivery would be complicated and risky, so around midnight Juliette was wheeled into an operating room in the new Surgical Center for a C-section. She explained, “I was worried, since this was my first C-section. My first child is three years old, and had been born without problems, so I was wondering why this was happening this time.” But, after a successful C-section you can see that Juliette is thrilled to have come to SBH to have her babies.

The twins are receiving care in the NICU for a few days, since they were born several weeks early, but the family should be able to go home very soon. Felisitasyon, Juliette!