A Look Inside Our Earthquake Mobile Clinics

The August 14 earthquake devastated communities throughout southern Haiti. Many of these communities are remote, isolated, and had little access to even the most basic health services before the disaster. The earthquake has since destroyed or damaged more than 66% of the region’s few existing hospitals and health clinics, further limiting access to the health services survivors need—and deserve.

HEI/SBH began mobile clinics to meet these communities’ extraordinary need for health services and support. At these clinics patients receive basic health services, food, and other resources to help meet their most immediate needs. We’re also supporting the region’s remaining health facilities by bringing essential medicines and supplies, providing basic primary care services, and evacuating critically injured patients to St. Boniface Hospital. By taking on the burden of care, impacted communities throughout southern Haiti can focus on healing, rebuilding, and recovering.

Below are scenes from our recent mobile clinics, and of the incredible destruction the earthquake wrought throughout the region.

A nurse wearing scrubs leans over to put a bandage on a young girl's cheek. The girl sits in a wooden chair and wears a dark blue dress and a tan knitted cap.

A community health nurse cares for a young patient injured in the earthquake.

A crowd of patients wait to be seen by a community health nurse at an earthquake mobile clinic.

Crowds of patients and earthquake survivors wait to be seen by a community health nurse at a recent mobile clinic.

Two doctors examine a woman's broken leg. The woman sits on a low wall, her leg is in a cast and is stretched out before her. One doctor leans over and touches her cast.

Dr. Miliane Clermont, Deputy Director General at SBH, examines a patient’s broken leg.

Community health nurses provide care to a large crowd of patients at an earthquake mobile clinic.

The community health clinic sees hundreds of patients each day at our earthquake mobile clinics.

A woman holds a baby while recieving care at an earthquake mobile clinic. The baby reaches out and touches the woman's face while a doctor looks on in the background.

A young child touches their guardian’s face as they meet with a community health professional.

A community health nurse puts a blood pressure cuff on an elderly man at an earthquake mobile clinic.

A community health nurse checks a patient’s blood pressure.

A doctor listens to a young girl's heart using a stethoscope at an earthquake mobile clinic.

A community health professional examines a young patient after the earthquake at a mobile clinic.

A woman with an arm cast speaks with a community health worker at an earthquake mobile clinic. A crowd of other patients stand behind her.

Dr. Miliane examines a patient’s injured arm.

A little boy stands next to a woman with a broken leg. He touches her leg cast, which is stretched out before him.

A young boy touches a patient’s cast at a mobile clinic.

A collapsed building from the 2021 earthquake in southern Haiti.

Thousands of homes in southern Haiti were destroyed in the earthquake, leaving families homeless.

A road cracked in the 2021 earthquake

Our community health team traverses a road broken by the earthquake as they drive to their next mobile clinic site.

A building ruined in the 2021 earthquake

Throughout southern Haiti, the earthquake devastated buildings large and small just like this one.