After the Quake, Evena Finds Care For Her Broken Foot

Waiting in an overcrowded hospital after the earthquake, 22-year-old Evena worried she would never get the care she needed for her severely broken foot. But after receiving orthopedic surgery at SBH, Evena is on the road to recovery.

Evena comes from an area of Les Cayes called Brefette. She was home when the earthquake struck, though at first, she couldn’t tell what was happening—she thought someone had thrown a rock into her house. Evena ran to her neighbor’s house and quickly realized that an earthquake was ravaging her town. She managed to escape as the house fell around her, but a heavy piece of concrete slammed onto her left foot. It began to swell rapidly, and she couldn’t put any weight on it.

Evena was taken to a nearby hospital, which was already overwhelmed with survivors needing urgent care. “There were so many people,” Evena said. “I couldn’t get the care I deserved.” After a long wait, a clinician told her she was being transferred to SBH. Soon, one of our ambulances was taking her on the rocky, two-hour drive to Fond des Blancs. Once in our care, an X-ray showed that her foot was broken; Evena needed surgery to repair the break properly and ensure she could walk normally again.

A Haitian woman sits on a hospital bed while a clinician tends to her left foot. The patient looks to her left and grimaces in pain.

A clinician tends to Evena’s foot before surgery.

“When I arrived at St. Boniface, they welcomed me and gave me good care,” Evena says. “I went into the operating room, and the surgeons fixed the damage to my foot. Now I’m feeling better, and I’m happy because the doctors made sure to take care of everything that could have further damaged my foot. I’m so thankful to St. Boniface Hospital.”