Nurse Alexandre Cares for Those in Need in the Wake of Tragedy

Working at our mobile clinics, Nurse Alexandre cares for thousands of patients in remote communities impacted by the August 14th earthquake. Many of her patients had not seen a doctor since the disaster until she arrived. And many others had never seen a doctor in their entire lives.

That’s why Nurse Alexandre works so hard: She knows the care she provides is saving lives every day. “We go out farther to give good care to people who are victims of the earthquake,” she says. “When we arrive in areas that are far away, the people are happy for the care; they welcome us with open arms.”

When thinking about her work in the mobile clinics over the last five months, Nurse Alexandre remembered a patient who really moved her. “… We found a man whose blood sugar was extremely high. When we asked him if he knew he was diabetic, he said yes, but his medications ran out and he didn’t have the means to pay for a motorcycle [taxi] to go to the hospital or to buy medicine. This was a patient who, if he hadn’t come, could have fallen into a diabetic coma. We took care of him, put him on an IV, and afterwards his blood sugar lowered. That made me so happy, when I saw that I am putting into practice what I have learned…”

For Nurse Alexandre, nursing is not just about helping patients but also about healing Haiti. “I am helping my country by giving those in need care”, she says. “That’s one of the things we always say when we go into the field: We will provide care until we have seen every patient.”