Annual Reports

HEI/SBH upholds a strong commitment to transparency and accountability for the funds that are entrusted to us by individuals and organizations. For information on our activities and successes from past years, please browse through our archive of annual reports.

The cover of HEI's 2023 Annual Report. The background is light tan and in the center there is a woman holding her newborn baby.

Latest Annual Report

Our 2023 Annual Report highlights the many ways in which our team continued to raise their already high bar for our patients during another tumultuous year. Haiti’s escalating humanitarian crisis made care harder to access than ever. As other healthcare facilities were forced to close, our heroic staff worked around the clock to ensure we had the staff an resources we need to remain open, 24/7 for everyone in need. But they didn’t stop there. In these pages, you will learn about how we continued to expand our services and create innovative new programs to continue to meet or patients’ growing and evolving needs. 

If you are a supporter of our work, thank you. It would not be possible for HEI’s team of over 500 professionals to manage multiple crises and provide over 158,000 patient visits in a single year without your support. If you have not yet joined our HEI team, we hope this report inspires you to learn more and get involved. 

Want more than a PDF? Check out our 2023 digital annual report!

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