Donor-Advised Funds and Gifts of Securities

Donor Advised Funds

Please contact your financial institution directly.

Health Equity International’s Tax ID number is 04-3067595.


Gifts of appreciated stock are a great way to contribute to Health Equity International in a tax-advantaged way.  Donors are able to claim a charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock and avoid capital gains taxes that would normally be due upon the stock’s sale. For information on the potential benefits relating to your specific situation, please consult a qualified tax attorney or financial planner.

How to give stock to the Health Equity International:

  1. Provide your broker with the transfer instructions below
  2. Notify Health Equity International of the forthcoming gift by contacting Chief Accounting Officer Judi Gale at or 617-244-9800.  Providing us with your name, contact information, and the anticipated value of your gift and/or number and type of shares will help ensure your gift is accurately processed and promptly acknowledged. 

Direct transfer of stock:
Broker: Raymond James

Account name:
St Boniface Haiti Foundation Inc dba Health Equity International
Acct #: 2712W197
DTC Number: 0725

Broker representative:
Bob Solano,
Abigail Smith,
Direct line: 617-377-4417
Fax: 857-233-2966

Broker mailing address: 
Raymond James
Attn: Bob Solano
One International Place, Suite 3210
Boston, MA  02110

Health Equity International’s Tax ID number is 04-3067595.

Stock certificates

If you hold stocks or bonds in certified form, you may send the certificates by certified mail (with return receipt requested, if you would like to receive proof of its delivery). Do not endorse the certificate.

In a separate envelope that can be mailed with regular postage, send us one stock power for each stock certificate. Health Equity International can provide a stock power (please contact us to request one), or your broker can provide one for you. Please sign the stock power as your name is listed on the stock certificate. Please include a dated letter that describes the stock and contains your signature as it appears on the stock power and stock certificate. Upon receipt, your stock gift will be recorded and the certificate sent to our broker for immediate disposition.

Bonds and mutual funds

Health Equity International gladly accepts most bonds and mutual funds. However, sometimes special arrangements must be made to ensure a smooth transfer. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation.

Contact us

For more information about donor advised funds, gifts of stock, bonds, or mutual funds, please contact us at 617-244-9800. Additionally, you can send us information by fax at 617-244-9805.

To send correspondence via mail:

Health Equity International
40 Glen Ave.
Newton, MA 02459