Remembering the 2021 Earthquake

Today marks the second anniversary of the devastating August 2021 earthquake in Haiti. We join our hearts together in remembrance of the family, friends, and neighbors we lost in this terrible tragedy. They will never be forgotten.

We also stand in solidarity with survivors, many of whom continue to face immense challenges during this uncertain time in Haiti. The earthquake destroyed homes, damaged livelihoods, and shattered southern Haiti’s health system, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without access to even the most basic care. Together with our friends and partners across Haiti and around the world, we have worked tirelessly to care for survivors and build a stronger, more resilient health system that reaches more people in more places.

Thank you for accompanying us and the people of southern Haiti during these past two years. Although the challenges have been great, your support helped us tend to more than 100,000 patient visits at our post-earthquake mobile clinics, create the region’s only orthopedic surgery program, and restore access to care in communities that lost their health centers in the disaster. This work is still ongoing and will be for years to come. But by continuing to work in partnership, I know we will create a stronger, healthier tomorrow for Haiti.

Kenbe fèm,

Conor Shapiro

President and CEO
Health Equity International/St. Boniface Hospital