SBHF has a new name!

SBHF is now Health Equity International! Read the full announcement here


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A Community's Commitment

On a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, members of the Dover Church gathered for food, drink, and a presentation from Jim Ansara, the new chair of St. Boniface’s board.

Group of children pumping water into containers

Major Cholera Drop in St. Boniface Area

Update: There has been a 90 percent decrease seen in cholera cases in St. Boniface’s catchment area from October-December 2012 as compared to January-March 2013 due to a variety of prevention programs implemented by the organization.

Young woman sitting on the ground smiling

Community Development Initiative for Young Women Begins

St. Boniface has begun implementing a program for young women, aimed at teaching them livestock skills that can prove to be income generators down the line.

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St. Boniface Honored With Athenahealth 2013 Vision Award

athenahealth honored the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation for its 30-year effort to improve the lives of Haiti’s underserved by providing high-quality and affordable health care and education in the rural region of Fond des Blancs. In particular, the Vision Award honors St. Boniface for its ground-breaking Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation and Community Reintegration Program—the first of its kind in Haiti—which provides long-term care for victims of the 2010 earthquake. As part of the award, athenahealth is partnering with the Foundation to implement cloud-based electronic health records in rural Haiti; the partnership and EHR implementation will enable robust documentation of the progress and learning from the ground-breaking Spinal Cord Injury Program.

Maxsony cutting the ribbon to the new SCI center

Rehabilitation and Community Reintegration Center Officially Open

A resident of St. Boniface’s Rehabilitation and Community Reintegration Program prepares to cut the ribbon of the new center on the Fond des Blancs campus.

Wilguy sitting

SCI Program Alum Meets With Haiti Special Coordinator

Wilguy, an ambassador for the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program, is shown in the photo above with Thomas Adams, Haiti Special Coordinator for the U.S. State Department.

Camille give Nanette, the St. Boniface co founder, a check

Massachusetts Teen Organizes Chore Drive; Donates Funds

Massachusetts teenager Camille recently stopped by the St. Boniface office to drop off donations she’d raised through a chore drive in her community.

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Annual Report 2012

Plants in the community garden

Community Garden Project Sees Growth

Residents of Fond des Blancs, Haiti, survey the demonstration garden for a community development initiative. The project involves choosing 20 community members to start gardens and teaching them proper gardening and maintenance techniques. These producers will then sell these products to the SBHF hospital and the community, thus increasing local production of fruits and vegetables.