SBHF has a new name!

SBHF is now Health Equity International! Read the full announcement here


New bridge

St. Boniface Helps Install Bridge Over Lhomond River

In the U.S., bridges are something we take for granted—something we see and use so often that we don’t think twice about how we would traverse the rushing waters below without them.

St. Boniface employee working at a computer

SBHF Chosen to Initiate New System in Haiti

St. Boniface Hospital was chosen as a pilot site to initiate the new system.

Maxsony in a wheelchair working in the repair shop

Wheelchair Repair Shop Seeing Success

The wheelchair repair workshop, which opened seven months ago, averages 20 new wheelchair repairs a month and distributes roughly four new wheelchairs a month.

A man who suffered from a spinal cord injury being carried off of a helicopter

Jan. 12 Marks Three-Year Anniversary of Earthquake

This year marks the third anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti, leaving more than 220,000 dead and thousands displaced.

Woman riding donkey down the streets of Fond des Blancs

Seeing Real Change in Haiti

Andrea Stomberg has been supporting nurses’ education at St. Boniface since 2008. These are her impressions from a recent visit to Haiti.

Sandy posing with two St. Boniface doctors

Remebering Sandy Logue

Last week, St. Boniface lost Sandy Logue, a great friend, volunteer and family member of the organization.

Two SCI workers and a patient posing with framed award

St. Boniface Wins Humanitarian Award

St. Boniface was recently awarded a 2012 Lucienne Deschamps Foundation Humanitarian Award for their work in spinal cord injury and community-based disability programming.

Two doctors checking on a patient laying in bed

Physicians for Haiti Visit Fond des Blancs

Physicians For Haiti works to improve Haitian medical care by empowering Haitian medical professionals through medical education.

Man in wheelchair flexing his muscles

A Blog: The 22nd Rehabilitation International World Congress

What a wonderful experience it was to have been able to participate in the 22nd Rehabilitation International World Congress in Incheon, South Korea.

Sandy posing with two St. Boniface doctors

2012 Lifetime Achievement Reward Recipient

Sandy Logue, longtime friend and supporter of St. Boniface, recently received the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jacksonville Business Journal.