Capacity Building

To support our mission of ensuring access to high-quality health services for the people of southern Haiti, we need to do more than directly treat patients.

That’s why HEI/SBH also works in medical training, biomedical engineering, education, research, and community development. These programs improve opportunities for the wider community and help support a sustainable future for the region and beyond.

A group of women Haitian medical students stand around a seated woman lab technician and observe her work.

Training the next generation.

HEI/SBH is committed to building a comprehensive, efficient, and resilient health system that provides high-quality, compassionate care.

SBH and our community health team are well-known for not only providing excellent health care but also for treating every patient with dignity. Sharing our model of health care is central to our mission. We do this by hosting medical interns and residents, extending training to professionals based at other health facilities, participating in conferences and planning meetings organized by Haitian government ministries, and supporting public health research. We also have a number of strategic initiatives that help improve opportunities for children and adults in the communities we serve.

  • The ability to repair broken medical equipment is imperative for a fully functioning hospital.

  • HEI’s residency programs and continuing medical education improve the quality of care for our patients and those of other health facilities.