Choosing to Plan Her Family

In her own words, 32-year-old Nerancie explains her decision to participate in the family planning program.

The reason I am getting birth control today is because I have three children and it is not easy for me to take care of them. I don’t want to have another child for now. My oldest child is 12 years old, the second is 10, and the third is 3. I chose to get a birth control method that will last for three months because I want to be responsible. I didn’t want to choose birth control pills in case I forgot [to take them every day]. I want to encourage all women to get birth control, to plan when they will have children, because it is the best way to take responsibility for yourself.

A Haitian woman in aqua scrubs leans over to give another Haitian woman a shot in her arm. The seated woman wears a white shirt and head wrap and dark blue face mask.
Portrait of a Haitian woman sitting tall in front of shelves holding medications. She wears white and blue is gazing slightly to one side of the camera.