Reproductive Health with a Smile

Astride, 22 years old, describes her experience with St. Boniface Hospital’s family planning program:

I had a baby when I was 19 years old. I started using family planning so I could protect myself – so I wouldn’t get pregnant again quickly after my baby. I started taking Depo-Provera a year ago, and today I decided to get a family planning method [that will last for] three years: Levoplant.

The nurses here are really nice. That helps, and it motivates me to stay current with my planning.

“I love getting services at the Family Planning Clinic.”


A Haitian nurse wearing glasses and scrubs looks at a computer screen on her desk. The desk holds manila folders, medical supplies, and a chart depicting long-term birth control methods.

Astride consults with a nurse to learn about her options for birth control.

In an exam room, a Haitian woman with short braids and a black T-shirt smiles cheerfully as she accepts a small pink card.

Before leaving the clinic, Astride takes a card with key follow-up information.