Restoring Access to Health Care in Maniche

Ever since the 2021 earthquake crumbled the walls of the Maniche Health Center, HEI has partnered with the Center to restore access to care in this hard-to-reach area with a population of over 20,000. Rosebenette, 38 years old, lives in Fond des Frais, a one-hour walk from the health center. This is her story:

We’ve been coming to the Maniche Center since 2006, for all our health care. After the earthquake, when I saw the building was destroyed, I lost hope. But when I was pregnant, I came [to the temporary location] for my prenatal appointments, and I found good quality care.

Eight months into my pregnancy, I learned I was going to have two little girls. I was worried, because of the country’s problems. But I decided to expect them with a happy heart. When my contractions started, I went to the hospital in Les Cayes to give birth because I didn’t want to be in need of a Cesarean during labor and not be able to get one.

Ever since, I’ve been coming back here for care, along with the children. The twins are 18 days old now. They are really lovely, and they laugh every time I play with them. Their father, Predilhomme, is very happy to have these two little girls. He always accompanies me to the Center.

Thank you to everyone who joined together to provide care in the community of Maniche. Without them we would have to go to Les Cayes for everything. I will be truly happy if the center can be reconstructed!

A dark-skinned Haitian man and light-skinned Haitian woman sit on a green metal bench, each intently focused on an infant they hold on their lap.

Rosebenette and Predilhomme wait patiently for their babies to be seen at the Maniche Health Center.

Interior view of a large tent. On the left, the family in the previous picture waits alongside other parents and children. On the right, there are health workers and shelves of supplies.

This tent serves as a temporary location for the health center, a place where parents can bring their children for check-ups.

Rosebenette and her family are in the back left of this view.

Exterior view of a large light grey tent set up in a courtyard. At one corner is a handwashing station with water tank and bucket.

With a handwashing station to one side, the tent sits adjacent to the space previously occupied by the center’s main building, destroyed in the 2021 earthquake.

A Haitian woman doctor with a stethoscope smiles at an active baby on the table in front of her. A light-skinned Haitian woman sits close by.

Dr. Marie Xavier Laraque examines one of Rosebenette’s twins.

This Center is the only reference [point for health care] in Maniche. That motivates me to give people the best possible care,” says Dr. Laraque.

Relaxed and smiling, a light-skinned Haitian woman and dark-skinned Haitian man sit outside on a green metal bench, holding their babies on their laps.

Thankful to be able to access care in their community, Rosebenette and Predilhomme pause for a moment before returning home with their twins.