Men digging to prepare for hurricane

Hurricane Matthew Preparations

Hurricane Matthew is heading directly for southern Haiti. We’re expecting tonight and tomorrow (October 3-4) will see significant, and potentially catastrophic, damage in the area around St. Boniface Hospital.

Workers digging waterline

Water Starts Flowing to the Hospital

St. Boniface Hospital’s three wells used to produce enough water to satisfy all the hospital’s needs. But this year, because of the hospital’s growth, and with wells running dry due to the ongoing drought, the operations team resorted to trucking water from the spring two miles away, and filling the hospital’s cisterns by hand, bucket by bucket.

Christamen's Clear New Future

Last week, a 10 year old girl named Cristamen arrived at St. Boniface, covered from head to toe in dry, scaly lesions. Her condition was so apparent that as she walked through the hospital campus, patients and staff couldn’t help but stare.

Workers digging

Water System Improvement at St. Boniface Hospital

Each day, due to inhibiting factors such as drought and hospital expansion, St. Boniface faces a potentially catastrophic shortage of water. The direct access water line, which began construction this month, is designed to change that.

Karlsons talking with dr pierre

Massachusetts Doctors Share Expertise in Fond-des-Blancs

This June St. Boniface Hospital welcomed the Karlson family - special guests and big supporters of SBHF. Dr. Beth Karlson, a Boston-based rheumatologist and epidemiologist was accompanied by her brother-in-law, Dr. James Karlson, an esteemed orthopedic surgeon, and James’ son, Nicholas, who will begin medical school in the fall.

Helicopter landing on grass

Premature Twins Airlifted to NICU

June has been a month of firsts for St. Boniface: this morning, an emergency airlift of premature twins.

Woman holding cholera medication

Community Health Teams Conduct Cholera Education Sessions

​Cholera is continuing to plague the communities in and around Fond-des-Blancs. With recent rains, the number of patients with cholera symptoms has spiked again, to 33 new cases the week of May 15th.

Daisy handing check to dr. pierre

Strides for St. Boniface

Young SBHF supporter raises funds for healthcare in southern Haiti.

Worker laying bricks for surgical center

Building the SBHF Surgical Center

SBHF’s new Surgical Center, scheduled to open this fall, is starting to take shape! Our construction partners at Build Health International recently undertook the huge effort of manually mixing and pouring 7,000 square feet of concrete to finish the first level of the building, and lay the foundation for the second floor.

Nurse holding bug repellent

Zika in Haiti: SBHF's Response

You have probably heard a lot about Zika virus in the news lately. The mosquito-borne virus is spreading across Brazil and other Central and South American countries, including Haiti. In Fond-des-Blancs we have clinically diagnosed Zika cases at St. Boniface Hospital.