Pediatric Care

St. Boniface Hospital is a beacon of hope for children in southern Haiti. From dehydration to tuberculosis, our pediatric team is dedicated to providing every child who comes to our doors with the care they need to thrive. Because every child, no matter where they are from, deserves the chance to grow up happy and healthy.

The need for SBH’s comprehensive pediatric services is great. Haiti lags in almost every key pediatric health indicator, with the highest infant mortality rate, the highest under-five mortality rate, and the highest prevalence of undernourishment in the Western Hemisphere.

Due to these extremely difficult conditions, children in the rural, southern region of Haiti all too frequently suffer from diseases of poverty, including malnutrition, diarrheal diseases, anemia, and tuberculosis. These health issues, rarely seen in the United States, are the result of the poor conditions that their families live in. They lack access to clean water and sanitation, have poor diets that lack vital nutrients, or simply don’t have enough to eat, as their families struggle to survive.

Each year, SBH provides high-quality care for more than 15,000 children. Our newly renovated pediatrics ward is a bright, spacious place for children to recover and heal. Our teams of highly-skilled pediatricians, surgeons, emergency care doctors, and infectious disease specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide comprehensive care.

SBH is also home to the region's only inpatient treatment program for malnutrition. The program helps ensure children receive the intensive care and nutrition they need to become strong and healthy again. Once discharged from the inpatient program, children continue to receive follow-up care and nutrition support to ensure they do not relapse. Our community health workers teach their families about how to find affordable, nutritious produce and cook healthy meals to continue supporting the health of their child. This coordinated approach ensures that undernourished children are identified, quickly begin therapeutic treatment, and receive important follow-up care at their homes to ensure they remain well.

Jobendy smiling with his mother

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