Helping Baby Marvens Breathe Easier

My name is Stephanie. I’m 19 years old and I come from Aquin.

I gave birth in a hospital in Aquin at 7 months [into my pregnancy]. My baby couldn’t breathe well, and the Aquin hospital couldn’t do anything for him. They had to transfer me to SBH for better care.

When I arrived here they rushed to take the baby. They began caring for him, and brought him into the NICU. Marvens was born on October 30th and admitted to the NICU on October 31st. He had septicemia (sepsis / blood poisoning). 

The doctors saved Marvens’ life.

Two Haitian women look attentively at an infant in a hospital bassinet. The infant is waving bare limbs and his eyes and mouth are open. The women wear blue hospital gowns and face masks; one holds a bright pink onesie.

A NICU nurse helps Stephanie prepare Marvens for his journey home.

Close-up of an infant sleeping in a hospital bassinet. His chubby face is turned to one side and his little hands are by his shoulders. Soft curls of hair peek out from under a gauze head wrap.

Marvens is breathing easily now.

I am really happy with the quality of care my child received in the NICU. Without this high-quality care, my baby could have died.

Now, one month later, I am happy to return home with Marvens, free from fear or anxiety.